The European Fact-Checking Standards Network Project is an effort to bring together fact-checking and open-source intelligence (OSINT) organisations to discuss and define the standards of independence, transparency and methodological and journalistic quality that must guide our efforts to combat disinformation.

This discussion will be translated into a Code of Professional Integrity for European fact-checkers and OSINT organisations. By being representative of both the independent European fact-checkers and OSINT working on disinformation campaigns, the Code will have the full legitimacy that it needs to be recognised and implemented.As a community, we will then appoint a Governance Body to evaluate compliance with the code and help organisations uphold its standards.

This project is part of the EU Call of Integrity of Social Media, and will run throughout 2022 and 2023.

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PHASE 1: Writing the Code of Professional Integrity for Independent European fact-checking and OSINT organisations

A Wide Group consisting of European fact-checking and OSINT organisations will be at the heart of this project, amending and approving each step of the process, from the Code to its Governance, in order to lend legitimacy to the results.

Given the size of the Wide Group that we anticipate, a Working Committee will be appointed to give advice and support the Consortium, approve of the mechanisms to moderate the open consultation, receive its results as well as those of the previous research, and finally take part in the debating, discussing and drafting of the articles of the Code. This Working Committee will be selected among the Wide group and it will include fact-checkers from every region of Europe as well as representatives of OSINT organisations.

From June to August 2022, the Wide Group will amend and approve the final Code of Professional Integrity for European fact-checkers and OSINT organisations and the work to define its governance will begin.

PHASE 2: Launching the Code, its governance and its implementation

The Consortium will undertake research on best practices and after discussion among the Wide Group in a meeting in Madrid in September 2022, the Governance of the Code will be approved by the European fact-checking and OSINT organisations represented. In November 2022 a Governance Body will be appointed by the Wide Group and the procedure to adhere to the Code will be launched in January. Being part of the Wide Group will not automatically make organisations signatories: they will have to adhere to its standards through a verification procedure.

Between October 2022 and June 2023 communication and advocacy of the Code and training activities will be undertaken by the Consortium in close collaboration with the Governance Body. During this period, next steps for the sustainability of the Code will be defined.


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This project aims to involve the fact-checking and OSINT organizations working in the European continent in order to elaborate a Code of professional integrity that has the full legitimacy that it needs to be recognized and implemented.

In order to do so, fact-checking and OSINT organizations based in the member states of the Council of Europe have been invited to join the Wide Group and an application process is available here.

Top European academic Institutions, researchers specialized in fact-checking and clients of fact-checking services such as platforms also take part in the open consultation process. Those organizations or companies willing to participate can reach out to join the effort here.